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Martial Arts After-School Programs for Kids

Team USA Martial Arts Center offers an enriching learning environment where your kids can grow and develop into strong, disciplined, and respectful individuals. Here, they will learn not just martial arts but also self-control, concentration, patience, and calmness and focus skills. Our after-school lessons are open to children ages two and up.

What You Can Expect

Our after-school programs begin at 2 PM. We will pick your kids up at their respective schools and bring them to our training center. While there, they will be given time to do their homework before training begins. We offer late pickups up to 8 PM for the convenience of working parents.

Other activities for children are also available. To learn more, reach out to us.

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We are based in the Bronx and Queens, NY. Let us teach your kids priceless life skills and hone them through martial arts.
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